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Openings >> Assistant Principal (SAM) RB#13-45a
Assistant Principal (SAM) RB#13-45a
Title:Assistant Principal (SAM) RB#13-45a
Department:School Administration
RECRUITMENT BULLETIN 13-45a                                  ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL (SAM)
OCTOBER 9, 2013                                                                                                                                                   

                                    NOTICE OF POSITION

The Superintendent of Schools, Pamela C. Brown, Ed.D., is interested in receiving applications
from qualified candidates for the position of:

                   ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL  (School Administration Manager - SAM)

Candidates interested in applying must complete an online application on the district web site at:
Candidates must hold a Master’s degree, and a New York State School District Administrator
(SDA), New York State School Supervisor (SAS), School District Leader (SDL), or School Building
Leader ( SBL ) certificate by the time of appointment.  Candidates must have a minimum of five
years of certificated teaching and/or supervisory experience.  Candidates with prior Assistant
Principal or administrative experience in an urban school district or in a district with a large urban
population are preferred.
The SAM Assistant Principal, under the direction of the building principal, provides instructional,
administrative and organizational leadership and management of the SIG plan.  Coordinates and
communicates with the principal and the Office of Special Projects staff to ensure compliance
with district, federal and state mandates.  The SAM Assistant Principal also supports the initiatives,
programs and activities of the SIG working collaboratively with the principal and content staff
and district offices to ensure alignment of initiatives and positive effect on teaching and learning. 
The SAM Assistant Principal reports to the building Principal.


Specifically, the SAM Assistant Principal will be responsible for the following:

Instructional Leadership
  • create and communicate a Comprehensive Education Plan aligned with the SIG Plan and the District’s vision and goals to turnaround a Persistently Lowest-Achieving school;
  • conduct classroom observations and evaluations of teachers that lead to positive changes in teacher practices and increased student outcomes;
  • assess the strengths and areas in need of improvement of faculty and staff based on a sound knowledge base;
  • communicate school-wide changes and anticipated actions with the support of data;
  • work to develop and maintain clear lines of communication and collaboration between staff, administrators, students and parents for the purpose of increasing student outcomes;
  • Monitor and review all RttT deliverables and metrics as defined by the state and district.
  • Act as the School Administrator Manager (SAM).
  • Manage the principal’s schedule to ensure instructional leadership
  • Meet daily with principal to schedule instructional leadership time, reflect on impact and develop a first responder structure in the school.
  • Complete TimeTrack with the principal and selected assistant principals/teacher coaches each day.
  • Meet individually with each TimeTrack user and schedule instructional leadership time above goal and examine the impact on teacher practice and student achievement.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Teaching and Learning
  • establish priority areas for instructional focus and make necessary changes in those areas to strengthen teaching and improve student learning;
  • ensure that all school leaders and instructional staff monitor progress regularly, and systematically make adjustments to strengthen teaching and student learning;
  • collaboratively conduct a comprehensive curriculum review to ensure that the curriculum aligns with state and local standards and meets the needs of all students in the school, including students with disabilities and English Language Learners;
  • rigorously monitor the alignment of the written, taught, and assessed curriculum using scope and sequence documents and pacing calendars;
Collection, Analysis, and Utilization of Data
  • Establish a schoolwide data team that sets the tone for ongoing data use to:
  • define critical teaching and learning concepts;
  • develop a written plan that articulates activities, roles, and responsibilities;
  • provide on-going data leadership;
  • Provide supports that foster a data-driven culture within the school to:
  • designate a school-based facilitator who meets with teacher teams to discuss data;
  • dedicate structured time for staff collaboration;
  • provide targeted professional development regularly;
Infrastructure for Student Success
  • enthusiastically recruit highly qualified staff who have the needed specialized skills and competencies for positions in the school;
  • consider common goals for quick wins, such as changing the school’s use of time, and improving access to resources and the physical facilities;
  • foster a positive school climate where student discipline concerns are addressed in a manner that promotes student responsibility and mutual respect; and
Professional Development
  • arrange for targeted professional development based on analyses of achievement and instruction, differentiated according to teacher needs and the subject areas targeted for instructional improvement.
Appointment will be made by the Superintendent following an assessment of training, experience,
credentials and evaluation of service.  Personal interviews shall be scheduled where appropriate. 
An employment contract will be developed with the Superintendent and the successful candidate.
SALARY:             Assistant Principal’s salary schedule.
FUNDING:           Pending Funding.  
OR FILING:          OCTOBER 23, 2013

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications


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