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Openings >> Principal - PS 200 Bennett H.S. RB #12-65c
Principal - PS 200 Bennett H.S. RB #12-65c
Title:Principal - PS 200 Bennett H.S. RB #12-65c
Department:Office of School Performance
Location:School Location
MAY 15, 2013                                         P.S. 200 Bennett H.S.

                                       NOTICE OF POSITION

POSITION:                The Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Pamela C. Brown., seeks a
highly motivated transformational leader for the position of principal.  The principal
provides school building leadership for all school programs and collaborates with
district leaders to achieve district goals and initiatives.
                            P.S. 200 BENNETT HIGH SCHOOL
APPLICATION:        Candidates must complete an application by clicking on the “APPLY”
button below.  Once the form is complete, click the “SUBMIT” button. 
NOTE:If you are currently employed as a Buffalo Public School Principal, you need not
submit a full application.  Current Buffalo Public School Principals must complete the
School Administrator Intention Form, and submit it to the attention of Executive Director
of Human Resources by mail to 727 City Hall, Buffalo, New York 14202 or by fax
to 716-851-3882.
QUALIFICATIONS:            Candidates must hold a Master’s degree, and a New York
State School District Administrator (SDA), New York State School Supervisor (SAS),
School District Leader (SDL), or School Building Leader (SBL) certificate by the time
of appointment.
Candidates must have a minimum of eight years combined certificated teaching
and supervisory experience, with a minimum of two years at the supervisory level. 
Candidates with prior Principal or administrative experience in an urban school
district or in a district with a large diverse population are preferred.   
RESPONSIBILITIESCandidates are responsible for, but not limited to the following:
            Instructional Leadership

  • create and communicate a Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) aligned
  • with the District’s vision and goals;
  • conduct classroom observations and evaluations of teachers that lead to
  • positive changes in teacher practices and increased student outcomes;
  • assess the strengths and areas in need of improvement of faculty and staff
  • based on a sound knowledge base;
  • communicate school-wide changes and anticipated actions with the support
  • of data;
  • work to develop and maintain clear lines of communication and collaboration
  • between staff, administrators, students and parents for the purpose of
    increasing student outcomes;

            Teaching and Learning

  • establish priority areas for instructional focus and make necessary changes in
  • those areas to strengthen teaching and improve student learning;
  • ensure that all school leaders and instructional staff monitor progress regularly,
  • and systematically make adjustments to strengthen teaching and student learning;


  • collaboratively conduct a comprehensive curriculum review to ensure that the
  • curriculum aligns with state and local standards and meets the needs of all students
    in the school, including students with disabilities and English Language Learners;
  • rigorously monitor the alignment of the written, taught, and assessed curriculum
  • using scope and sequence documents and pacing calendars; 

    Collection, Analysis, and Utilization of Data

  • ensure improved student achievement by analyzing data, using data to inform
  • decisions and drive for results
  • set high performance goals for all students in the school
  • monitor standards for achievement, aligning school resources, and prioritizing
  • activities to achieve maximum results.

             Infrastructure for Student Success

  • champion system mission, core values, and strategic objectives
  • ensure a collaborative culture by expecting teams to set standards for their work,
  • and take action to meet the standards
  • develop effective processes to plan for continuous improvement, solve problems,
  • and to achieve desired results
  • foster a positive school climate where student discipline concerns are addressed
  • in a manner that promotes student responsibility and mutual respect; and

            Professional Development

  • arrange for targeted professional development based on analysis of achievement
  • and instruction, differentiated according to teacher needs and the subject areas
    targeted for instructional improvement.
  • develop others by providing coaching and support, expressing positive expectations,
  • and selecting data-driven professional development opportunities

SELECTION:             Appointment will be made by the Board of Education upon the recommendation
of the Superintendent following assessment of training, experience, credentials, and evaluation of
service.  Personal interviews will be scheduled where appropriate.
SALARY:                   Principal’s salary schedule.
FUNDING:                 Pending Funding

FILING:            MAY 29, 2013
                                                                   DR. PAMELA C. BROWN,
                                                                   SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS             

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications


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