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Openings >> Transition Counselor RB#13-60
Transition Counselor RB#13-60
Title:Transition Counselor RB#13-60
Department:Guidance, Counseling, & Alternative Education
Location:City Hall

RECRUITMENT BULLETIN #13-60                                               TRANSITION COUNSELOR
SEPTEMBER 19, 2013                                                                               

                                              NOTICE OF POSITION

The Superintendent of Schools, Pamela C. Brown, Ed.D., is interested in receiving applications
from qualified candidates for the position of:
                                        TRANSITION COUNSELOR
Candidates must complete an application form by clicking the "Apply" button below.  Once the
form is completed, click the "Submit" button.
QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must be New York State certified in Counseling Education.
The Transition Counselor will work with students at the Erie County Holding Center and the Erie County
Youth Detention Center.  He/she will meet with students both before and after their release from these
facilities, and develop re-entry plans to transition youth back to school and community.
Candidates should be knowledgeable in theoretical and evidence based methodologies that focus
on Comprehensive School Counselor philosophies.  A thorough understanding of college admissions,
data analysis, Infinite Campus, and researching scholarship applications for high school students
is necessary.  Counselors experienced in working with incarcerated youth, as well as candidates
who are fluent in Spanish, are encouraged to apply.
Under the direction of the Chief of Student Support Services, responsibilities will, in addition, include:
                                 Student Academic Program Planning
  • Evaluate student transcripts to determine the coursework necessary for graduation.
  • Notify the student’s school if he/she has been identified while in the facility as being in need of special education or related services.
  • Coordinate the transfer of student records, IEPs, and other information that will optimize student learning between the student’s home school and the appropriate institutions.
  • Collaborate with correctional facility staff and instructional programming staff to meet the needs of this unique student population.
  • Testing and student records.  Assist students and parents in understanding test results and records.  Provide information for students, parents and teachers on required standardized tests.
  • Coordinate high-quality educational plans that prepare students to complete high school, GED programs, enter training or employment programs, or further their education.
                                                 Career/Life Planning

  • Collaborate with existing Buffalo Schools programs for youth who are at risk of entering or re-entering the juvenile justice and/or criminal justice systems.
  • Encourage youth to reenter school once they have completed their term at the correctional facility.
  • Assist students and families through the process of re-enrolling in Buffalo Schools, and related institutions for neglected and delinquent students.
  • Increase students’ awareness of the career and educational planning process as well as for the individual careers.
  • Develop resources and information for students on career development and job readiness.
  • Participate in the process of data collection, particularly in regards to post-release student outcomes.
                                        Personal/Social Growth
  • Assist students with personal and social issues which impede learning.
  • Assist with Crisis Intervention Services.
  • Review the status of students as it pertains to academic and behavioral progress.
  • Assess socio-emotional needs of students, and link them with community agencies that can provide the health and social supports necessary for students to be successful. (e.g., day care, drug and/or alcohol abuse counseling and mental health services)
  • Assist families with student placement options (e.g. agency placement, GED programs alternative education programs).
  • Where feasible, involve parents in efforts to improve the education achievement of their teens and to prevent further involvement of such students in delinquent activities.
  • Establish relationships with Child & Family Services, mentoring programs, and other agencies that serve at-risk youth.
  • Maintain communication with parole officers and monitor student progress with agency supports and school attendance.
Appointment will be made by the Board of Education upon the recommendation of the Superintendent
following assessment of training, experience, credentials and evaluation of service.  Personal interviews
shall be scheduled where appropriate.
SALARY:                   Teacher’s salary schedule based on BTF contract agreement.
FUND:                        Pending Funding

FOR FILING:            OCTOBER 2, 2013


This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications


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