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Buffalo Public Schools
712 City Hall
Buffalo, New York 14202
(716) 816-3500

Career Opportunities


Below is a list of current openings at Buffalo Public Schools. Please click on an opening in the list to view details and apply.

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2021-2022 School Year - Instructional Technology Coach- TOSA - RB #20-342cOtherSchool LocationInstructional
2021-2022 School Year - TOSA - Support Math Teacher -Various Locations - RB#20-271eOtherSchool LocationInstructional
2021-2022 School Year -Math Coach - TOSA - RB# 20-272eOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Administrative Assistant, Security - Perm/Provisional, RB #21-450SecurityCity HallCivil Service
Administrative Secretary, Athletics Dept, Perm/Provisional - RB #21-444OtherSchool LocationCivil Service
Adult Basic Education (ABE)/GED InstructorAdult EducationOtherInstructional
Adult Career Education Teacher - Part-Time Hourly Adult EducationSchool LocationInstructional
Adult Community Education Teacher - Part-Time - HourlyAdult EducationOtherInstructional
Adult Ed - Science Instructor - Erie County Holding Center (ECHC) - RB 19-083Adult EducationOtherInstructional
Adult Education - Career Advisor (Day)Adult EducationOtherInstructional
Adult Education ESL Day Instructor Part-Time, HourlyAdult EducationOtherInstructional
Afterschool Medical Leave Instructors RB #21-107Guidance, Counseling, & Alternative EducationOtherInstructional
Art TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Assistant Auditor - Audit, Perm/Provisional, RB #21-431aAuditCity HallCivil Service
Assistant Principal - PS#32 Bennett Park Montessori - 2021-2022 RB #21-453School AdministrationSchool LocationInstructional
Associate Account Clerk, Spec Project Claims - Perm/Provisional, RB 21-441Special Project ClaimsCity HallCivil Service
Associate Architect, Plant Srvs & School Planning - Perm/Provisional, RB 21-440Plant Services and School PlanningCity HallCivil Service
Attendance Support Teacher OtherOtherInstructional
Bilingual Education Support Teacher - Olmsted #156 - RB 19-084OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Bilingual Elementary Education Teacher OtherSchool LocationInstructional
BPS Teacher TransferOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Building Trades TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Bus Aide - 2021-2022 School YearTransportationOtherCivil Service
Central Registration Clerk - Perm/Provisional, RB #20-439cOtherCentral Processing CenterCivil Service
Certified Nursing Assistant TeacherAdult EducationOtherInstructional
Chief Engineer Custodian - 2021-2022 School YearPlant Services and School PlanningSchool LocationCivil Service
Chief Engineer Custodian - Temporary Not to Exceed 90 Days, RB #21-231Plant Services and School PlanningSchool LocationCivil Service
CLRI Coordinator- TOSA - RB #21-455OtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Assistant Football Coach - Burgard HS #301 - RB# 21-381aOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Coach - Assistant Football Coach - McKinley HS #305 - RB# 21-383aOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Committee on Special Education Chair/Helping Teacher -Compliance Coordinator - RB#21-419aSpecial EducationOtherInstructional
Cook Manager, Food Service Dept, Continuous Posting 2021-2022 School YearFood ServiceSchool LocationCivil Service
CTE Curriculum Committee Member RB # 21-456OtherOtherInstructional
CTE Teacher OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Curriculum Committee for the Study of WNY Indigenous Culture Curriculum RB#21-448OtherOtherInstructional
Director of CLRI RB 21-001aOtherOtherInstructional
District Support Teacher Assigned to CAI - (TOSA)- RB#21-166bOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Earth Science TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Elementary Education TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
English Language Arts TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
ENL TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
First Class Engineer- Custodian - Continuous Posting 2021-2022 School YearPlant Services and School PlanningSchool LocationCivil Service
First Class Engineer- Custodian - Temporary Not to Exceed 90 Days, RB #21-232Plant Services and School PlanningSchool LocationCivil Service
Food Service Helper - Continuous Posting 2021-2022 School YearFood ServiceOtherCivil Service
Glazier, Perm/Provisional, RB #21-392aPlant Services and School PlanningService CenterCivil Service
Grounds Worker - Grounds Dept., Temporary, RB #21-405cOtherOtherCivil Service
Guidance CounselorOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Help Desk Support Specialist - IT Dept., Perm/Provisional, RB #21-343aInformation TechnologyCity HallCivil Service
Heritage Language Programs - Saturday Academy PCTEA OT, RB #21-446Multilingual EducationSchool LocationCivil Service
Heritage Language Saturday Program Teacher - RB #21-435Multilingual EducationOtherInstructional
High School Skills Based Course Curriculum RB#21-447OtherOtherInstructional
Instructional Coach - TOSA- Burgard, Emerson High School Locations-RB# 21-131cOtherSchool LocationInstructional
JROTC Instructor for CTE - Hutch Tech #304- 2020-2021 - School Year RB#19-365aOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Laborer II - Temporary - Continuous Posting 2021-2022 School YearOtherOtherCivil Service
Library Media SpecialistOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Math TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Mathematics Department Support Teacher TOSA Grade 6 RB#21-396aMathCity HallInstructional
Multilingual Teacher Aide - 2021-2022 School YearMultilingual EducationSchool LocationCivil Service
Music TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Physical Education and Health TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Principal - PS#31 Harriet Ross Tubman - 2021-2022 - RB #21-438School AdministrationSchool LocationInstructional
Reading TeacherReadingSchool LocationInstructional
Remedial Speech Teacher OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Saturday Language Heritage Program - Curriculum Development Member - RB #21-434Multilingual EducationOtherInstructional
School Clerk #301- Temporary, RB #21-449OtherSchool LocationCivil Service
School Lunch Cook - Continuous Posting 2021-2022 School YearFood ServiceSchool LocationCivil Service
School PsychologistOtherSchool LocationInstructional
School Psychologist Intern - RB #21-437Special EducationSchool LocationInstructional
School Social WorkerOtherSchool LocationInstructional
School Social Worker- #301 Burgard High School RB# 21-452OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Science TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Security Officer - Temporary - Continuous Posting 2021-2022 School YearSecuritySchool LocationCivil Service
Seneca Language Program - Saturday Academy PCTEA OT, RB #21-445Multilingual EducationSchool LocationCivil Service
Seneca Language Teacher OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Senior Account Clerk Typist - Audit Dept., Perm/Provisional, RB #21-451AuditCity HallCivil Service
Senior Personnel Clerk - Perm/Provisional, HR - RB #21-443Human ResourcesCity HallCivil Service
Senior Typist - Multilingual Dept, Perm/Provisional, RB #21-442Multilingual EducationSchool LocationCivil Service
Social Studies TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Special Education Teacher 7 - 12OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Special Education Teacher K - 6OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Special Education Teacher K-12 BilingualOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Substitute - School Administrator School AdministrationSchool LocationInstructional
Substitute TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Substitute Teacher - 1003BOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Substitute Teacher Aide - 2021-2022 School YearOtherSchool LocationCivil Service
Supervisor of CLRI RB 21-002bOtherOtherInstructional
Supervisor of Multilingual/Bilingual Education RB 21-454OtherOtherInstructional
Teacher Aide - Continuous Posting 2021-2022 School YearOtherSchool LocationCivil Service
Teacher Aide - School #84 - Continuous Posting 2021-2022 School YearOtherSchool LocationCivil Service
Teacher Aide to Teaching Assistant- Internal promotion RB# 21-420OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Teacher of a Haudenosaunee LanguageOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Teacher of LatinOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Teacher of the Visually Impaired - District Wide Special EducationOtherInstructional
TOSA for Curriculum Inclusion and Diversity - RB# 21-439OtherOtherInstructional
Typist - McKinley HS #305, Perm/Provisional, RB #21-426aOtherSchool LocationCivil Service
Typist - Montessori School #32, Temporary, RB #21-346dOtherSchool LocationCivil Service
Typist - Rotating, Temporary, RB #21-187fOtherSchool LocationCivil Service
Typist - School #18, Perm/Provisional, RB #21-436OtherSchool LocationCivil Service
Typist - Student Support Services, Perm/Provisional, RB #21-457 - 5 Day PostingOffice of Student Support Services & ComplianceCity HallCivil Service
World Language TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
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