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Buffalo Public Schools
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Dir. of Recruitment & Employment Services
Title:Dir. of Recruitment & Employment Services
Department:Human Resources
Location:City Hall
Division:Civil Service

RECRUITMENT BULLETIN #13-32                                               May 6, 2013


                                              BUFFALO BOARD OF EDUCATION VACANCY



Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) has begun a period of change that seeks to transform the district and its schools. With the appointment of Superintendent Pamela Brown and a significant level of local, state, and federal attention and investment, Buffalo has an incredible opportunity to ensure that all of its students graduate prepared to succeed in college or a well-paying career.
Currently, BPS has 58 schools serving approximately 34,000 students, of whom 79% qualify for free or reduced price lunch and 77% are students of color. Of the 58 schools in the district, 28 have been given “priority” status by the state and 16 more have been given “focus” status. Within the district, a sizable number of students do not meet state standards, and only about half of those who attend high school graduate with a diploma. Superintendent Brown is building a talented and committed leadership team to partner with her in moving BPS towards the ambitious goal of preparing all students for success.

  • Manages, guides and directs activities of staff who are responsible for executing recruitment and hiring for the District for all Civil Service personnel, Administrative (exempt) and Instructional employees;
  •             leads the design and oversees the implementation and improvement of high leverage strategies for attracting, converting and retaining candidates for District positions;
  •             identifies and creates partnerships with organizations and individuals who can provide candidate referrals;
  • Ensures that positions are requisitioned and posted internally according to contractual obligations and externally to meet candidate flow and EEO guidelines;
  •            assures that resumes are reviewed and processed appropriately, interviews are scheduled and employment offers are made, and that applicants receive proper direction and guidance all in a timely manner;
  •             researches eligibility, seniority, references, credentials, certifications, as needed;
  • Facilitates new hire process, including benefits enrollment and orientation;
  • Develops and maintains working relationships with bargaining units, District Administrators, and other outside agencies such as recruitment firms/personnel agencies;
  • Serves as the public representative of the Talent Management department at formal and informal recruitment events, including job fairs, information sessions, school visits and candidate forums;
  • Advises District Administrators and others on the procedures for filling vacancies;
  • Manages all relocation support activity;
  • Prepares employees for assignments by establishing orientation and training programs;
  • Designs and ensures the execution of information systems that capture details from candidate screening processes and provides this information to relevant District departments;
  • Monitors and evaluates the Buffalo Public School’s effectiveness in recruiting the most highly qualified and diverse candidate pool possible;
  • Serves as a member of labor negotiation committees;
  • Works closely with District Administrators on the interpretation and implementation of the provisions of various Collective Bargaining Agreements;
  • Works closely with District Administrators towards employee conflict resolution;
  • Manages disciplinary actions of employees according to District policy and disciplinary and discharge procedures of contracted bargaining agreements and state and federal laws;
  •             oversees and investigates employee allegations for disciplinary proceedings;
  •             researches, initiates and develops disciplinary charges;
  •             under the direction of the Chief of Talent Management, oversees and responds to grievances that may be filed by the Unions representing departmental employees; troubleshoots organizational problems and brings resolution to same;
  • Ensures the delivery of effective and efficient services to the organizations;
  • Develops and implements a succession planning process;
  • Performs related duties as required.


  1. Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university and three years of full-time management experience in the field of Human Resources, including recruitment, hiring and termination, administration of personnel records, supervising personnel;
  1. Acceptable NYS Education Department Certification in Educational Administration (School Administrator/Supervisor or School District Administrator) and four years of full-time educational administration experience, including personnel management.

Verifiable part-time experience will be pro-rated to meet full-time experience requirements.  Proof of all of the above must be presented at time of appointment.
CANDIDATES FOR THIS POSITION SHOULD COMPLETE AN APPLICATION AVAILABLE ONLINE AT  (Recruitment Bulletin number must be included on application).
Appointments are subject to the review of the Board of Education upon the recommendation of the Superintendent following the approval of the City of Buffalo Civil Service Division. Personal interviews shall be scheduled where appropriate.
The Buffalo Board of Education is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
FINAL FILING DATE:   Until position is filled.
Dr. Pamela C. Brown
Superintendent of Schools


This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications


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