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Openings >> Laborer II RB # 13-45
Laborer II RB # 13-45
Title:Laborer II RB # 13-45
Department:Service Center Operations
Location:Service Center
Division:Civil Service

                                                                    BOARD OF EDUCATION                        
                                                   DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES
                                                                    ROOM 720 CITY HALL
                                                                BUFFALO, NEW YORK 14202
RECRUITMENT BULLETIN 13 - 45                                                                          August 30, 2013 

                                               BUFFALO BOARD OF EDUCATION VACANCY
POSITION:               Laborer II 
SALARY:                  $32,600 - $35,819
LOCATION:              Service Center

An incumbent to a position in this class performs a wide variety of unskilled independent laboring work. Duties may involve assisting or acting as a "helper" to skilled craft workers (journeyman) in the areas of maintenance, repair and service activities.  This position differs from Laborer I in that the Laborer II requires incumbents to have a working knowledge of the basic methods and techniques used in the areas of maintenance and repair of buildings, equipment and grounds.  Duties of this position may allow a Laborer II to work independently.  Work is performed under immediate supervision, however, a Laborer II has no supervisory responsibilities.
Incumbents will be required to perform any tasks of an unskilled nature as deemed necessary by departments/divisions/agencies in city service:
May act as an assistant to a skilled craft worker (journeyman) Carpenter, Mason, Electrician, Painter, Bricklayer, Plasterer, Glazier, General Mechanic and other skilled trades personnel;
May serve as a general handyman performing duties, which include but are not limited to the following:
-repairing windows, doors, floors, walls;
-cleaning, operating, lubricating and repairing of boilers, pumps, heaters, pipe lines, motors, valves, traps and metering equipment;
-mixing plaster and concrete;
-performing necessary repair work on cranes, air compressors, air hoists;
May assist in laying bricks, plastering walls, finishing concrete, painting etc.;
May assist in the making and hanging of street signs and the erection of posts for this purpose;
May assist in the maintenance of traffic signals and controllers;
May service automotive equipment by gassing, oiling and checking tires and various fluid levels in city owned vehicles;
May maintain gas pump area to insure cleanliness and safety;
May assist a Motor Equipment Mechanic in repairing trucks, automobiles and other automotive equipment by performing the less skilled mechanical repair work including but not limited to the following:
-charging of batteries; fixing flat tires; replacing worn or faulty parts, gaskets, broken wheels; changing spark plugs;
May stoke, clinker and clean furnaces used in burning of refuse materials;
-may assist in the maintenance of plant equipment such as oiling and greasing cranes and motors;
May attend hoppers, which feed furnaces and clear material through them into furnaces;
-may attend push pits and clear material into tractor-trailers at Refuse  Transfer Station;
May be required to work in stockroom issuing supplies and materials;
-may, under direction, requisition supplies;
-Maintains stockroom area to insure cleanliness and safety;
May receive, accept and sign for all deliveries;
-checks incoming orders against items listed on requisitions/invoices counting, grading or weighing the articles;
May assist in loading and unloading of delivery vehicles such as parts, battery and tire truck, wagons, trucks, etc;
May assist in placing materials and supplies in bins or on shelves in various stockrooms;
May be required to operate a light pick-up truck, automobile or other light motorized equipment including the operation of the Zamboni Ice Machine; 
-pick-up or deliver various parts, materials and supplies, invoices and other forms to any city garages, repair shops, parts stores, etc.;
May perform general labor and custodial work in and around city owned buildings including the removal of trash from buildings or apartments;
May be required to prepare various reports as requested;
May be required to maintain various records;
May perform general building and grounds cleaning tasks as required;
May lift garbage containers onto truck;
-operates packer controls;
May distribute load on truck and cover with tarpaulin;
May assist in the care and handling of animals in the Animal Shelter;
-assists in the cleaning of the Animal Shelter and kennels;
May gather and dispose of dead animals found in city streets, SPCA, veterinarian hospitals and various city laboratories;
May excavate and backfill for new construction and repairs;
-may dig and refill trenches for water pipe lines;
May clean and flush streets, park areas, culverts, basins and sewer receivers;
May remove snow from streets, parks and recreational areas;
May assist in performing maintenance and repair on city streets, curbs and sidewalks;
May perform a variety of laboring duties in the ash removal system of a sewage treatment plant;
May cut grass, trim shrubs, rake leaves, cut brush, spade flower beds and assist in ground maintenance activities including forestry improvement, tree planting and wood cutting;
May assist personnel in charge of recreation programs, in the organization and development of recreational activities;
May assist in the maintenance of recreational equipment in city parks, playgrounds and community centers;
May set up equipment for recreational activities.
Working knowledge of the basic practices and techniques of one or more of the standard trades;
Working knowledge of the common tools, terminology and safety precautions used in minor maintenance and repair work in buildings, grounds, incinerator plants, sewage treatment plants, water pumps and equipment;
Working knowledge of automotive shop methods, procedures, safety precautions, shop tools and lubrication methods;
Willingness to perform routine mechanical work;
Willingness to work under all weather conditions;
Ability to follow oral and written instructions;
Mechanical aptitude  physical endurance; strength; agility; good hand and eye coordination;
Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.
One year of experience performing general physical work in such areas as maintenance, repair or tending of buildings, grounds and equipment;
One year of experience assisting a skilled craft worker in carrying out their tasks.
Possession of a current NYS Drivers License may be required for employment in certain departments. 

APPOINTMENT:        Appointments are subject to the approval of the Board of Education upon the recommendation of the Superintendent following the approval of the Civil Service Commission.  Personal interviews shall be scheduled where appropriate.
Darren J. Brown 
Chief of Talent Management                      


This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications


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