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Openings >> Assistant Principal Secondary #301 & #200 RB 13-50
Assistant Principal Secondary #301 & #200 RB 13-50
Title:Assistant Principal Secondary #301 & #200 RB 13-50
Department:School Administration
August 20, 2013                                                              Burgard HS #301, Bennett HS #200


                                   NOTICE OF POSITION 
The Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Pamela C. Brown, is interested in receiving applications from
qualified candidates for the position of:
                                   SECONDARY ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL
                                    Burgard HS #301, Bennett HS #200

Candidates must complete an application form available at and
submit a resumé.
Candidates must hold a Master’s degree, and a New York State School District Administrator
(SDA), New York State School Supervisor (SAS), School District Leader (SDL), or School Building
Leader (SBL) certificate by the time of appointment. Candidates must have a minimum of five
years of certificated teaching and/or appropriate and approved supervisory experience. 
Candidates with prior Assistant Principal or administrative experience in an urban school
district or in a district with an urban population are preferred.
RESPONSIBILITESCandidates are responsible for assisting the principal to:


  • work to develop and maintain clear lines of communication and collaboration between staff, administrators, students and parents;
  • create and communicate a Comprehensive Education Plan aligned with the District’s vision and goals;
  • develop, oversee, and achieve objectives to ensure a focus on student achievement and learning climate;
  • gather, analyze, and disaggregate data for informed instructional improvements,
  • coordinate the school’s staff development program for all faculty and staff;
  • oversee all aspects of developmentally appropriate curriculum and implementation (development, delivery, and evaluation);
  • conduct classroom observations and evaluations of teachers;
  • work effectively with all teachers to foster their professional growth and performance;
  • work collaboratively with the Department of Teaching and Learning to implement District’s Strategic Plan;
  • foster a positive school climate where student discipline concerns are addressed in a manner that promotes student responsibility and mutual respect;
  • demonstrate continuous improvement of professional knowledge and skills;
  • represent the school at conferences and/or district meetings;
  • conduct faculty and grade level meetings;
  • formalize building operational procedures;
  • coordinate the planning, preparation, and dissemination of the school’s master schedule for faculty and staff assignments;
  • ensure adherence to legal concepts, state and federal regulations and Board of Education policies;
  • implement and monitor approved school budget expenditures including student activity funds, grants and general accounts;
  • monitor building maintenance and improvements;
  • develop and communicate a plan addressing building safety and conduct planned fire drills;
  • submit accurate reports to Central Office when requested in a timely manner;
  • exhibit strategies that promote the understanding, sensitivity and respect of multi-cultural and ethnic diversity;
  • establish and facilitate a Site-Based Management Team which meets on a regular bass;
  • collaborate with universities, colleges, school-based partnerships and agencies to develop and implement programs that enhance student achievement within district contractual guidelines;
  • organize and support programs for Student Orientation, Open House, Curriculum Nights, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Parent/Student Evening Activities, etc.;
  • and maintain positive and effective relationships with all organizations and committees involved within the building (School-Based Management Team, partnerships, businesses, etc.).
Appointment will be made by the Board of Education upon the recommendation of the Superintendent 
following assessment of training, experience, credentials, and evaluation of service.  Personal
interviews will be scheduled where appropriate.
SALARY:                 Assistant Principal’s salary schedule.
FUNDING:              Pending Funding 

FOR FILING:           September 3, 2013  

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications


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