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Buffalo Public Schools
712 City Hall
Buffalo, New York 14202
(716) 816-3500

Career Opportunities


Below is a list of current openings at Buffalo Public Schools. Please click on an opening in the list to view details and apply.

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Administrative Assistant RB # 16-191 @ ELTOtherOtherCivil Service
Adult Basic Education (ABE) GED Day Instructor Part-Time, HourlyAdult EducationOtherInstructional
Adult Career & Continuing Ed Teacher - Part-Time HourlyOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Adult Education Barbering Instructor Part-Time, HourlyAdult EducationOtherInstructional
Adult Education ESL Day Instructor Part-Time, HourlyAdult EducationOtherInstructional
AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM - Elementary School # 59OtherSchool LocationInstructional
AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM - Elementary School # 94OtherSchool LocationInstructional
AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM - Elementary School # 99OtherSchool LocationInstructional
AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM - School # 59 Gr. 7 and 8OtherSchool LocationInstructional
AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM - School # 81OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Alternate Instruction Teacher Elementary School Sites - After School (Hourly) RB 16-118OtherOtherInstructional
Art TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Assistant Auditor RB # 16 -189AuditCity HallCivil Service
Assistant Principal - # 6, #48 @ 39, #94 and # 156 RB 16-194School AdministrationSchool LocationInstructional
Assistant Principal - Bennett Park Montessori # 32 RB 16-182School AdministrationSchool LocationInstructional
Assistant Principal - Build Academy # 91 RB 16-186School AdministrationSchool LocationInstructional
Assistant Principal - Dr. Antonia Pantoja # 18 RB 16-183School AdministrationSchool LocationInstructional
Assistant Principal - Highgate Heights # 80 RB 16-185School AdministrationSchool LocationInstructional
Assistant Principal - International School # 45 RB 16-184School AdministrationSchool LocationInstructional
Assistant Principal at Hutch Tech RB 16-181School AdministrationSchool LocationInstructional
Bilingual Secondary Core Subject Area Teacher with Bilingual or Spanish ExtensionOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Bus Aide TransportationOtherCivil Service
Carpenter RB# 16-206Plant Services and School PlanningService CenterCivil Service
Chief Engineer Custodian - Provisional RB 15 - 148Plant Services and School PlanningSchool LocationCivil Service
Coach - Boys JV Basketball East HS # 307 RB 16-176OtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Co-Ed Varsity Bowling - South Park High School # 206 RB 16-205OtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Girls Varsity Basketball - East HS # 307 RB 16-139aOtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Girls Varsity Basketball - Riverside HS # 205 RB 16-141aOtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Girls Varsity Cheerleading - East HS # 307 RB 16-143aOtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Girls Varsity Cheerleading - Lafayette HS # 204 RB 16-145aOtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Girls Varsity Cheerleading - Performing Arts HS # 192 RB 16-142aOtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Girls Varsity Cheerleading - South Park HS # 206 RB 16-146aOtherOtherInstructional
Coach - JV Boys Basketball - Olmsted # 156 RB 16-201OtherOtherInstructional
Coach - JV Boys Basketball Performing Arts # 192 RB 16-200OtherOtherInstructional
Coach - JV Girls Basketball - Middle Early College # 415 @ 200 RB 16-202OtherOtherInstructional
Coach - JV Girls Basketball - South Park HS # 206 RB 16-203OtherOtherInstructional
Coach - JV Girls Basketball Hutch Tech High School# 304 RB 16-180OtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Modified Basketball - MST School # 197 RB 16-204OtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Modified Basketball City Honors School# 195 RB 16-177OtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Modified Basketball Grabiarz School# 79 RB 16-175OtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Modified Girls Basketball Olmsted School# 156 RB 16-187OtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Varsity Cheer City Honors School# 195 (Temporary) RB 16-178OtherOtherInstructional
Coach - Varsity Girls Basketball Burgard High School# 301 RB 16-179OtherOtherInstructional
Computer TeacherAdult EducationOtherInstructional
CTE Teacher OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Deputy of Human Resources RB # 15- 168aHuman ResourcesCity HallContract (Exempt)
ECHC - Social Studies Teacher - Part Time - Evening RB 16-174OtherOtherInstructional
Electrician - Provisional RB#16-212Plant Services and School PlanningService CenterCivil Service
Elementary Education TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Elementary Education Teacher - BilingualOtherSchool LocationInstructional
English Language Arts TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
ESL TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Food Service HelperFood ServiceOtherCivil Service
Foreign Language TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Guidance CounselorOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Instructional Coach - @ #82 and #131 RB 16-168OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Instructional Technology Coach RB 16-199OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Library Media SpecialistOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Literacy Coach for ENL and Bilingual Ed Teachers RB 16-066aOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Math Coach at # 80 RB 16-170OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Math TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Medical Leave Instructors RB 15-258OtherOtherInstructional
Motor Equipment Mechanic Temporary - RB # 16 - 190Service Center OperationsService CenterCivil Service
Multilingual Teacher AideMultilingual EducationSchool LocationCivil Service
Music TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Occupational Therapist - RB # 15 -116Special EducationCentral Processing CenterCivil Service
Physical Education and Health TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Principal - ECC # 17 RB 16-153aSchool AdministrationSchool LocationInstructional
Principal Coach RB 16-172OtherOtherInstructional
Reading TeacherReadingSchool LocationInstructional
Remedial Speech Teacher OtherSchool LocationInstructional
School PsychologistOtherSchool LocationInstructional
School Social WorkerOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Science TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Secondary Student Support Teacher (Grad Point) at Bennett # RB 16-171OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Section 504/ADA District Coordinator/Helping Teacher RB 16-209OtherOtherInstructional
Senior Account Clerk Typist @ SETRC - Perm/Prov #16 -211OtherOtherCivil Service
Senior Account Clerk Typist -Perm/Prov #16 -192Food ServiceOtherCivil Service
Senior Auditor - Permanent - RB 16-188AccountingCity HallCivil Service
Senior Auditor - Permanent - RB 16-193TransportationService CenterCivil Service
Social Studies TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Social Worker - Multilingual Ed Dept RB 16-120aOtherOtherInstructional
Spanish TeacherOtherSchool LocationInstructional
Special Ed Supervisor for Special Ed Student Placement RB 16-198OtherOtherInstructional
Special Education Teacher 7 - 12OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Special Education Teacher K - 6OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Substitute Teacher AideOtherSchool LocationCivil Service
Supervisor of School Improvement RB 16-173OtherOtherInstructional
Supervisor of Student Support Services RB 16-210OtherOtherInstructional
Support Mathematics Teacher #6 and #61 RB 16-169OtherSchool LocationInstructional
Teaching AssistantOtherSchool LocationInstructional
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